Privacy Policy

The operators of this website, Sankoh Manufacturing Co., Ltd understand and acknowledge the important responsibility the protection of personal data is and have established the following privacy policies by which all employees will strive to protect the personal data of our customers so that they can use this website with peace of mind.
Basic policies regarding the protection of personal data
We comply with all laws, regulations and guidelines that relate to the protection of personal data.

Definition of Customer Data/Personal Information
Names, postal codes, addresses, phone numbers, FAX numbers email addresses and other information that is registered while using this site is considered personal data.

Use of personal data
Sankoh Manufacturing uses personal data for the following purposes:
  • To customers who agree to receive them, we send advanced announcements about products, new projects and services via email, postal mail or other methods of communication.
  • To confirm information related to customer questions.
  • To conduct after service for customers, such as confirming orders, questions and answers, communications or product delivery.For the services・product announcements, PR, surveys, data collection・analysis, research and development related to the above business activities.
  • To confirm the identity of persons requesting the disclosure of personal data
  • Usage required for services attendant on the above
The sharing of personal data with third parties, disclosure of personal data, subcontractors
We may share the minimal amount of personal data required to facilitate subcontracted services subcontracted to outside companies (product manufacturing, packaging, delivery, site management, etc.) subsequent to their agreement to the terms of a confidentiality agreement. However、use or disclosure of personal data for purposes other than to fulfill the subcontract is forbidden by the confidentiality agreement. Also, personal data may be disclosed to a court, police officer or other official public agency with the user's agreement if necessary for the purpose of protecting the user's physical safety, health, wellbeing, or assets when obtaining permission from the user is difficult to obtain. Personal data may also be disclosed in the event of business mergers, split-offs, or other reasons where business matters are transferred. Personal data may also be disclosed if a requested is made through the proper legal means.
Amendments to personal data
If requested by the user, personal data will be promptly disclosed, corrected or deleted. A processing fee may be required, within a reasonable range, to takes into account actual expenses.

Privacy policy revisions
Revisions to the privacy policies are announced on this webpage.

For inquiries regarding privacy policies, contact us at the following email address.
Sankoh Manufacturing Co., Ltd

  • We assume no responsibility for any trouble attributed to data (email addresses, phone numbers, names, etc.) submitted directly by the users themselves.
  • Sankoh Manufacturing provides no guarantees or assurances that information listed on its website is correct or complete. We assume no responsibility for any losses or trouble incurred by the use of such information. Please contact if any information shown on the website is discovered to be egregiously inaccurate or damages our credibility to our business associates or users. We will promptly amend or erase the offending information.
  • We assume no responsibility for loses incurred by users caused by natural disaster, catastrophe, or other circumstances beyond the control of the company.
  • Information on this website may be changed or deleted without prior notice.